When someone becomes a Narrow Road team member, the 90 day count down begins. Within the first 90 days of joining the Narrow Road team, we want to connect each man with a mentor. A mentor commits to walk in relationship with a specific team member, celebrating their successes and helping them to learn from their failures. We hope and pray that this a relationship that gives back as both men grow and move forward in their journey following Christ. Are you willing to partner with us as a mentor of men who are navigating the narrow road of rebuilding their lives and relationships?

A few Important Details As You

Consider Being a Mentor:

The Time Commitment:

In the beginning, it may take up to 5+ hours a week as you seek to grow in relationship and trust with one another. However, as the relationship develops and time passes, the scheduled engagement is reduced to frequent check in’s and purposeful moments of challenge and encouragement.

The Skills and Abilities Needed

To Be a Mentor:

Our men need mature followers of Christ to share their lives with them. They need men who will champion their steps, celebrate their victories and work through challenging moments. Most of all, they need to know that someone is in their corner and by their side no matter the time or occasion. When a specific skill or set of knowledge is needed but is unavailable, we will step in and resource both you and our Narrow Road team member.

The Key Traits of a Mentor:

Humility, integrity, love, grace, compassion, authenticity, boldness, trust,

I Would like to Learn More about Being a Mentor:

Thanks for your interest! We will be contacting you shortly.