Life Skills and Tools for Success.

We believe there is a deep need to equip and re-equip those who are seeking to rebuild their lives after the devastating road of addiction. So many times, successful life skills have been abandoned, have never been taught or have had their practice put on hold for so long that there is no clear path to incorporation back into one’s life.

At Narrow Road we will access resources from every available discipline in order to equip our men with the skills for successful navigation of life’s choices, decisions and responsibilities. However, we will look to the Bible as our measure and guide in this equipping process.

Some of the skills and tools we will offer through instruction and mentoring relationships include:


Financial freedom and discipline

Time management

Stress management

How to handle anxiety and worry

The pillars that gird a godly man

Leadership 101

Finding my identity

Understanding your personality and those around you

Marriage for a lifetime

The honor of being a husband

The art and responsibility of fathering

Anger management

Conflict resolution and responsibility

Setting goals and markers for your future

Acquiring, keeping and succeeding in your career

Vocational Coaching

Educational Assessing and Coaching

Handling failure and set-back

Habits to help you grow up in our faith

How to read, interpret and apply the Bible for worship and life change

Foundations of a Biblical faith

Spiritual gifting

A life of sacrifice and service

The role of the church and your role in the church