We have set forth an aggressive plan which enables us to be fiscally conservative in our administrative spending, yet generous in supporting the men in our program. 


We hope to be able to help our Narrow Road team members in many different ways including tuition, fees, employment prep and attire. At times they may also need additional financial assistance with housing, transportation, childcare, medical costs and preparation for their future. 

As we look forward to our future ministry plan, we have a vision to develop a fund that will allow us to offer micro enterprise training and development, including grants and interest free loans. 

In view of the many needs and opportunities that have been set before us, we would be honored and blessed if you would join with us as a financial partner.  Your one-time or monthly gift will give us the resources we need to wisely and generously help these men move forward in rebuilding their relationships and their lives. 

A few giving details:

We are a 501c3 charitable organization, which qualifies your gift as tax deductible. When you use the link below, we can receive contributions directly from your bank, through PayPal or by major credit card. If you choose to use your bank account there are no fees charged to our ministry, which is also helpful.

Thank you on behalf of our entire ministry, for your support and partnership.