Much of what we do at Narrow Road involves partnering with local leaders and businesses. We want to create strong partnerships that will help our men succeed financially, intellectually, emotionally, relationally and spiritually.


To succeed in this effort, it will take the investment of many different people and leaders from diverse professional and social landscapes. These partnerships will be an investment that will reap greater and broader dividends than will ever be recorded in a spread sheet. The reward is the return of a life and the life of a family.


Below are a few opportunities to help you and your business immediately jump into the fight to rebuild lives.

Employment Partners:

Our men need gainful employment in business environments where they can learn a trade or professional skill. However, we want them to experience more than just training. We want our men to experience a top tier workplace culture that incorporates outstanding business practices. If this describes your business, will you consider being an Employment Partner?


When you chose to become an Employment Partner, you have the full support of Narrow Road. We will work closely with you to find the candidate that has the highest potential for success in your specific field and workplace culture. We will be available as an HR resource and workplace mentor.

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Employment Fund Partners:

We don’t want anything to stand in the way of our men having the best opportunity to learn, grow and support themselves and their families. With that in mind, at times there will be a need to help our Employment Partners fund their open positions. At any particular time, our partners may not have the financial ability to hire another employee. That is where Narrow Road, you and the Employment Fund steps in.


It might be that you have the financial resources to bring on a Narrow Road team member but at the moment your business might not be the best fit for one of our current members. How do you partner? Give a portion of those financial resources to the Employment Fund so another Employment Partner can pick up the baton and help our men succeed.

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Leadership Partners:

Leadership Partners share the journey to their place of influence and impact. We want our men to expand their realm of possibilities. Much of their lives have been spent in the dream stealing, opportunity killing drug culture. The men of Narrow Road are intelligent and hungry men, eager to learn and hear how faith, dreams, ambition, character, service, generosity and hard work can become the cornerstone of their future.

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Corporate Aide Partners:

As our team members work through the process of rebuilding their lives, they will need help from skilled and trained professionals like yourself. When obstacles threaten to trip up our men, they will need credit counselors, financial advisors, mechanics, tradesmen, mental health counselors, dentists, medical professionals and lawyers plus a host of others with skill sets that will continue to help them move forward. Corporate Aide Partners offer Narrow Road their skills and services free or at a greatly reduced rate. In turn, we will work with you or your organizational representative to create the boundaries, limits and availability that works best for your commitment of service. Narrow Road will also act as the liaison between your services and our Narrow Road team members.

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Corporate Partner

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