Narrow Road is an advanced recovery ministry in California's Central Valley that seeks to help men in the rebuilding of their lives and relationships as they continue in their recovery process.

We believe the greatest mental, emotional and relational health and recovery comes from an uncompromising devotion to Jesus Christ and a Biblically guided life. It is through this Christ centered approach that we will walk alongside one another. 

We will help the men of Narrow Road to experience gainful employment that will set them on a path toward financial stability. They will receive the necessary tools to rebuild and strengthen their relationships. Every man will be equipped with the knowledge to successfully navigate a myriad of life skills and choices. In our commitment to their future, our men will have the opportunity to grow from mentoring relationships that will provide enduring accountability. All the while, the Narrow Road men will be challenged to give their lives away in service and sacrifice to others. 

Finally, we believe there are many roads and pathways which one can experience success and reward. However, it is only through this Narrow Road of devotion to Jesus Christ that each of us will find the fullness of life. In fact, Jesus taught that only through a life devoted to him will we find life in abundance. (See John 10:10)
We encourage all to remember: NARROW is the ROAD that leads to life... So stay the course! (See Matthew 7:13-14)